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*** Old Hobby Stuff ***


This is some info on my old Hobby Stuff, like the old Observoscope Star Finder,
Sperti Inc. and W. W. Boes Co. Astro Compass MK-II.

So thanks for looking.

See some info below:

Old Observoscope Star Finder from 1943
Sperti, Inc. Astro Compass MK-II
W. W. Boes Co. Astro Compass MK-II

Sperti Inc. Astro Compass MK-II

This is some info for an old Astro Compass MK-II made by Sperti, Inc., made around the year 1942.

See the scans that I made of the original user's instruction booklet that came with my Astro Compass.

Anyway, this booklet is falling apart so very fast that I am posting it here to keep the information from being lost forever.

sperti astro compass PDF
sperti astro compass PDF

W. W. Boes Co. Astro Compass MK-II

This is some old info for my W. W. Boes Co. Astro Compass MK-II.

Boes Astro Compass PDF
Boes Astro Compass PDF

Please note: this booklet is just a little larger then a post card in actual size and I think it is very beautiful.

Observoscope Star Finder

Observoscope Star Finder - made in 1945

The white lettering on my observoscope is falling off.
I plan to restore the lettering and then
I will post better photos of it some day.
Anyway I am just trying to show how it works.
Also missing is a photo of the bottom showing that
it can be mounted on to a tripod and also the little arow that points to the hour angle.
Also missing is the original compass that goes on the bottom?...

observoscope star finder PDF
Observoscope Star Finder PDF

(PDF has same photo's as shown below:)

So check back from time to time to see updated info.


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